Schefflera plant

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Schefflera plant

This tall Schefflera plant is also known as "Starleaf" or "Umbrella Tree"! The plant is characterised by its decorative, hand-shaped leaves and a compact growing habit. They make wonderful and popular easy to care for houseplants.

Schefflera plants are not difficult to grow, providing you supply plenty of indirect sun light, warmth and humidity. Place the plant in a bright, indirect light position. They appreciate lots of humidity and will thrive in well drained soil. Water when top soil is dry to touch and never allow it to sit in water in the saucer. If temperature drops below 16 degrees Celsius they may experience some problems. Do not expose to draughts or dry heating vents.

Please note that the pot in the photograph can be bought with the plant (which is usually sent out in a simple nursery pot). If you wish to choose another pot,  we do have a range of pots to choose from.

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